Fort Worth Cheesesteak

Leftover Brisket? Ft Worth Cheesesteak Recipe

Leftover Brisket?

Recently I found a recipe calling for the use of “leftover brisket.” Where I come from there is rarely a time that there is any brisket leftover.

I guess there are folks out there who don’t eat the entire 14 pounds of succulent smoked beef in one sitting so I decided to create a recipe for this mystical “leftover brisket.” I call this Ft. Worth Cheesesteak. It is a combination of smoked brisket, peppers, onions, bbq sauce, TexJoy® Old West Mesquite Shake and Cheddar cheese served on BBQ bread.

Cut the sweet onion and the poblano pepper into strips and season with salt, pepper and the mesquite shake. Sauté until just tender.

Fort Worth Cheesesteak

Cut the BBQ bread (or any kind of soft roll) in half and top with your favorite BBQ sauce.  Slice the brisket and lay that on top of the sauce overlapping as you go. Top with the peppers and onions. At this point I usually add some more of the mesquite shake.

Fort Worth Cheesesteak

Top with cheese and more sauce. Then bake in a 350 degree oven until the cheese melts usually about 20 minutes. There you go, something to do with leftover brisket or some brisket right off of the smoker. It’s just as good.

Just be creative and cook it like YOU want to eat it.

Fort Worth Cheesesteak

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