About Us

Our 3 Reasons

We are a group of BBQ enthusiasts who like 3 things more than anything else.We like to get together and have fun, we like to cook and eat really good BBQ and most of all we like to help other people who are not as fortunate as others.

Award Winning Team

HORNS BBQ Team - Best Ribs Project Host 2015 -Greenville, SC
HORNS BBQ Team – Best Ribs Project Host 2015 -Greenville, SC

We are an award winning BBQ team and we want anyone that eats our food to have the experience of competition quality BBQ.  We like to please people; we like to take care of folks. We really enjoy “Old School” BBQ which means we like to baby sit the fire and make it our own. Each cook is a little different from the last one. We do not assembly line BBQ out to you.

If you have a reason to get us together be it a small family outing, a tailgate with your friends or you want to help raise money for your favorite charity, we are the guys to call.

We Do Charity

With any charity event the HORNS BBQ Co team is here to help you maximize your fund raising. We do not make any profit when we fund raise. All we need to do is cover our food and supplies cost and the rest of the money goes to you and your cause. This is our way of giving back to the community.

Catering Your Event

BBQ is what we love but if it doesn’t have to be BBQ, we have a vast range of experience in different types of cuisines. With a combined total of over 60 years of foodservice experience, we know  we are doing.

We are here to help you so send us an email!

Greg Ray, Pitmaster

For all inquiries: hornsbbq@gmail.com